June 2021

Boks Kids Weekly Challenge – June Week 4

Challenge: The need for speed
The 100-meter finals are some of the most popular and prestigious events at the summer Olympics. This week we challenge you to get moving QUICKLY! Mark out a 100-meter distance and try doing this sprint 10 times daily, tracking your time. See what your fastest times are by the end of the week. Did you get faster? How close are you to the Olympic records (9.58 for men and 10.49 for women)?

Summertime Fun!

Last week I had the pleasure of hitting the road and travelling our great state! I had the opportunity to travel to Crossville to the 4-H Center to observe 4-H Electric Camp! This is a wonderful partnership between 4-H and the UT Department of Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science, which is led by Dr. Mike Buschermohle. In its 30 year history, this program has provided many young people with education in the area of energy usage and conservation, safety, etc.