County Reporter Gift Basket Winner Named

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Lori Gallimore, Extension Specialist

Each year, county reporters are selected from each county from the pool of delegates to Tennessee 4-H Congress. Upon their arrival to Congress, the reporters go through training on how to write and report their Congress story. The goal is for each reporter to submit an article to their local newspaper and/or to make a presentation back home in order to share their experiences of Tennessee 4-H Congress with their local communities, donors and stakeholders.

This year, each reporter was asked to email the news article and/or presentation that they created to the state 4-H office. Each entry/name was submitted into a drawing. The name selected wins a $50 4-H gift basket for his/her efforts.

Congratulations to Luke Hunt, Chester County 4-H member and 2018 4-H Congress delegate! His name was drawn from all of the entries. He will receive the $50 4-H gift basket.

We were thrilled to have 12 outstanding news articles and presentation submissions from our 4-H Congress delegates from all across the state! Our thanks to all of the 4- H agents who worked with their county reporters to make this happen! These reports will be used as examples to help train next year’s group of county reporters at the 2019 Tennessee 4-H Congress.