Focus on the Target

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Justin Crowe, 4-H Director and State Program Leader

We all know that 2020 was tough for all of us but many of us, however, developed a new passion or hobby during this time. I recently developed a new interest in shooting sports. This past weekend, I spent some time with two close friends who also enjoy the sport. In addition to axe throwing, we also went to a hunter education center and enjoyed some time on the shooting range.

While I am very much a beginner, I did enjoy spending time with my friends and improving my skills. As I continue to work and get better at this sport, I have never forgotten that…..

I must focus on the target.

In life, we sometimes, as the old adage reads, “can’t see the forest for the trees.” Throughout this year, don’t lost focus of your target. Perhaps it’s to become more involved in 4-H, volunteer a little more each month, or perfect a skill you previously learned in 4-H. Whatever it is, focus on the target. With time and practice, you will get better.

The online blog can be found here: The Great Comeback, Volume 21, Issue 5