April 2021

Tennessee 4-H International Exchange

JOANN and 4-H are once again teaming up to collect donations at the register and offer special discounts for JOANN/4-H Rewards Card members. The activation will help in the effort to ensure every kid has an equal opportunity to succeed by bringing 4-H to more kids nationwide via local unrestricted funding.

2021 Knoxville Spring Junior Cattle Expo

A very successful Knoxville Spring Junior Cattle Expo was held at the Tennessee Valley Fairgrounds on April 23-24. The show featured 76 youth exhibitors from 27 counties. This included 22 market steers, 25 commercial heifers and 85 registered heifers. In addition to the individual beef classes, youth competed in showmanship (67 youth) and skillathon (58 youth).

It’s Just Nice to See People… and Not Virtually!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job? I enjoy the unique challenges that each day presents. Some weeks, however, are a tad rougher than others. And sometimes, I just need a break. We all need that. This past weekend, I enjoyed a “break” with members of our UTK Collegiate 4-H/FFA club, a group I have advised since 2008.

New! Tennessee 4-H Volunteer Resources for 4-H Professionals Team Site

What keeps volunteers motivated?  Is it tangible or intangible rewards?  T-shirts, caps, coffee mugs, puppy sweaters, double fudge brownies, or even the occasional Chinese buffet can all play a part at keeping volunteers happy. 
But research shows that it is the intangible rewards that keep volunteers motivated.  Programming efforts need to also focus on these intangibles.